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Vintage Lucky Diamond Horseshoe Pendant


Vintage Lucky Diamond Horseshoe Pendant

Vintage Lucky Diamond Horseshoe Pendant
Vintage Lucky Diamond Horseshoe Pendant
Vintage Lucky Diamond Horseshoe Pendant
Vintage Lucky Diamond Horseshoe Pendant

Vintage Lucky Diamond Horseshoe Pendant


Vintage Lucky Diamond Horseshoe Pendant


Condition: Excellent Vintage Condition

Materials: 10 antique diamonds (roughly .10ct total weight) | 14k Gold Setting & 14k Gold Chain

Size: Horseshoe measures 1/2 inch long and 1/3 inch wide, Chain is 16 inches long

The horseshoe is probably one of the most well-known good luck symbols of the Western world and has a long history of being a protective talisman. It is commonly seen in Egyptian iconography and in Islamic art.

The modern origin story: 

While horseshoes have been popular symbols throughout history, they became increasingly popular in Europe during the middle Ages when they were nailed to door frames and began appearing as good luck charms in jewelry of the time.

It is believed that the good luck powers of the horseshoe originate with the story of a blacksmith named Dunstan. The story goes that The Devil came to Dunstan and requested that he fit him with new horseshoes. Dunstan recognized the devil and nailed a horseshoe onto his hoof. This caused the Devil great pain. While he was in agony, Dunstan chained him and only released him after the devil promised never to enter a place that had a horseshoe hung over the door. Dunstan became the Archbishop of Canterbury in 959 AD and is known as St. Dunstan.

Fun Facts:

Some believe that if guests come into a house where a horseshoe is hung above the door, they must leave by the same door through which they entered or they will take the luck from the horseshoe with them from the house.

To assure good luck for the New Year, one should sleep with a horseshoe under his pillow on New Year’s Eve.

Suspected witches who were tried and buried upon their deaths had horseshoes nailed to their coffins to prevent them from returning to life or resurrecting again as witches.

Finding a horseshoe is very lucky if the open space is facing toward you.

If you dream of finding a horseshoe, good luck will come to you.

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