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Coral Five-Stone Band  


Coral Five-Stone Band  

Coral Five-Stone Band  
Coral Five-Stone Band  
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Coral Five-Stone Band  


Coral Five-Stone Band  

Era: Victorian or turn of the century

Condition: Excellent

Materials: 9k Gold and 5 coral oval cabochons

Size: 5 

Coral has been used in jewelry for thousands of years. It is found in the sea, and is made by small and simple marine invertebrate animals such as coral polyp. Red coral is the most valuable form of coral. The deeper the red, the more it is prized. coral vary in color; from bright to dark red, to slightly orange-red, to pink, black, blue, and white. There have been many beliefs throughout history at to the positive attributes of coral. It has always been thought to have the power to protect the wearer against evil and enchantments, as well as the power to cure madness. In the 16th century, many people thought a sprig of red or white coral could calm a raging tempest. The Romans believed that red Mediterranean coral had magical and medicinal properties and Roman children wore coral necklaces to protect them from danger and keep them healthy. Victorian babies from wealthy families had teething rings made of coral. And Native American artisans also created fine jewelry from coral.

This five stone band was a very popular style during the Victorian era. Often these bands were made of turquoise or coral.

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