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Art Deco Onyx & Diamond Cocktail Ring


Art Deco Onyx & Diamond Cocktail Ring

sold out

Art Deco Onyx & Diamond Cocktail Ring


Stunning Onyx and Diamond Art Deco Cocktail Ring with Pave Diamonds

Size: 4

Condition: Good

Materials: Onyx, diamond, 18k gold

Black Onyx is a popular and powerful gemstone associated with intuition, rejuvenation, divination, strength, change, balance, grounding, focus, self confidence, protection and with eliminating negativity.

Onyx saw a resurgence in popularity in Art Deco Jewelry from the 1920's-1940's.
When the war ended, the “Roaring 20’s” ushered in a new attitude and an overall desire to live life to the fullest - an attitude that was very much reflected in the new jewelry design trends. The most characteristic feature of Art Deco jewelry is the emphasis on bold, geometric designs. Lines were straight and linear, and gemstone shapes most often followed suit. Calibre cut sapphires, rubies, and emeralds were used to add splashes of color to otherwise diamond-centric jewelry. Black onyx and red coral were also used often as accent colors. When King Tutukhamen’s tomb opened in 1922 there was a return to Egyptian revival jewelry as well.

This ring, with it's cubist, geometric shapes is reflective of the design of the period.

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