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'Fab Faberge'


'Fab Faberge'

Katie Goldstein


#fabergefriday? Is that even a thing?! It is now that we've stumbled upon this Fabergé jeweled hardstone egg Pendant. The piece was made by Feodor Afanassiev in St. Petersburg, circa 1910. Carved of rock crystal and inset with circular cut emeralds, the birthstone of May, this piece is the perfect spring egg. 


A little background: Peter Carl Fabergé, also known as Karl Gustavovich Fabergé, or Gustav Faberge (1846-1920) was a Russian jeweler best known for the famous Fabergé eggs made in the style of genuine Easter eggs, but using precious metals and gemstones rather than more mundane materials. He founded the house of Fabergé in St. Petersburg in 1842. Along with his brother, Gustav transformed the business into an international phenomenon of design-led artist jewelry where color and he lost art of enameling prevailed. Gustav's son Peter took over the firm after his fathers death and remained in charge until it was nationalized by the Bolsheviks in 1918.

Since childhood I've been enamored with these magical little gems. Typically the eggs, which vary in size, are displayed on stands, serving only as onaments. These pendants are truly special.  We've selected a few of our favorites below. If you ever find yourself in St. Petersburg head to the Fabergé Museum for a closer look.

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